I have a question . . . Will you help me answer it?

By: James Roderick Community Member Does Collinsville want a newspaper? If so, do we want one that will start a conversation? I’m not talking about a gossip rag. I’m talking about a REAL paper. It is a simple question but the answer may not be that easy. When I was a kid, we had a small town newspaper. It came out once a week and the whole town waited anxiously for it. I know I did because they let us kids sell them on the street and that was MY money to spend however I wanted !! Each week I would get my papers and head South on Main. First stop, The Hut Lounge. Kids weren’t supposed to go in but since it had no windows, and the front door was open, I went in. The Hut was a local watering hole at the end of downtown. By the time I got there, the patrons were well hydrated and their wallets opened easily.


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